The Sum of Many Creative Parts

In Grade 2 I read all the books on the reading challenge list – I even have the certificate to prove it! I also read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the first time.

Captivated, like millions of others, I continued to read the series, awestruck by Rowling’s talent for crafting a story.

I also realised, with every book I devoured, the power a writer has in invoking emotion in the reader. And, by the time I finished school, I was entranced by how meaning is conveyed using language – both through choice of words, and form.

Writing became a path to understanding my feelings, choices, relationships and dreams as well as life’s challenges. I was, and still am, immersed in words.

In Grade 5, I was drawn into dance. Similar to my first loves, reading and writing, it is emotive for both an audience and the performer. Subtle and nuanced at times, apparent at others, but always expressive.

Despite my two love affairs with the arts, I’ve often felt a great disparity between my working and creative selves.

I’ve kept each interest a constant side-hustle when they should be integral in and expressive of my life itself.

Finally, I’m allowing it to be so.

I want this site to represent all of my pursuits, interests and experiences, my whole self, not just one aspect.

Because that is the way I want to be in the world and the way I want to make a living, as the sum of many creative parts.

6 thoughts on “The Sum of Many Creative Parts

  1. What a perfect way for us to follow your endless adventures! Dancing, yoga words and and endless zest for life! Can’t wait to follow your journey here! Exciting times my friend.

  2. I did! Loved the post about the dancing! As it was such a special part of our very special wedding day! Dancing celebrated so much for us that day! So I’m glad it was something so special and important to you too! Xx

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