Shut Up & Dance – Love, Friends & Line Dancing

I was a bridesmaid at the wedding of two high school friends, Caroline and Jason, last weekend. It was such a special occasion and I came away filled with gratitude for the wonderful friends in my life.

Many of my school friends and I share a passion for dance. In fact, a few of us went to Theatre Dancing lessons together where we learned jazzy choreographies to hits from movies like Chicago and High School Musical.

When we started clubbing (if you can call it that in our small hometown!), we weren’t shy about spending hours on the dance floor.

Dancing, in my opinion, is also the best way to celebrate anything.

The bride and groom seem to agree so the bridal party opened up the floor with a line dance combo to ‘Shut Up and Dance’.

It was so much fun – as you’ll see in the video below, I’m not ashamed of singing at the top of my voice either!

Dancing at the wedding with friends, some who I see often, others who I haven’t for years, was more than just a celebration of a marriage, it was a celebration of our friendship.

Nearly a decade out of school and we’re still dancing together – tell me, what could be better than that?

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