About Me

I’m passionate about building a lifestyle and creative career doing the things I love!

Eager to write professionally, I’m currently completing a Diploma in Freelance Feature and Travel Writing through the London School of Journalism. I’m also an obsessive journaler.

I’m a teacher, performer and perpetual student of Middle Eastern dance and have travelled widely ‘following my dancer’s heart’. I also teach weekly classes for Raqs Sharqi Dance Company in Pietermaritzburg.

About_Micah_Keyuan Garden_China
Keyuan Garden, Dongguan – Bellydance Evolution China Tour 2016

After years of health challenges, I’m learning to look after myself. This includes eating fresh, wholesome food and practicing yoga. I’m interested in natural therapies, and alternative and complementary medicine.

I believe that life is better when connected to nature and am most at peace in gardens, game reserves and the wilderness. But, I also love the excitement of travelling, something I find creatively stimulating and expansive.

When I need to chill out, I read. I’m of the ‘Harry Potter Generation’ and a self-professed literature-lover. I enjoy live music and have played several instruments, but, feel I’m better off in the audience, watching my musician boyfriend!